Governing Council

The need for governing council is always imperative to device plans for the educational standardization and human resource development. The governing council of SVIST is an able governing council consisting of learned members who are stalwarts in both educational and administrative fields. Their total dedication and devotional to their noble mission and vision of this higher education institution is evident from the concrete perceptible changes.

Through the methodical approach of delication their share their multitudinous work to ensure smooth running of the institution. The governing council is not work hours bound but that has whole heartedly involved itself for the noble task of nation building through higher education.

Name Position
Shri.N.Venkatesan Chairman
Smt.R.Pankajam Member
Dr.N.V.Anandkumar Principal
Mrs.V.Nivethana Member
Prof.R.Guna Sekaran Member
Dr.K.Duraivelu Member
Mr.Munirathinam Member
Regional Officer – SRO, AICTE Member
Nominee of Anna University, Chennai Member
Commissioner of Technical Education Member
Nominee of Tamilnadu State Govt. Member