Shri.N.Venkatesan, M.A.,B.Sc.,M.Ed., Chairman.

Shri.N.Venkatesan, M.A.,B.Sc.,M.Ed., Chairman.


B.Sc - (Mathematics) from voorhes college, Vellore. M.A - (English) from Sri Venketeswara University, Thirupathi.
B.Ed - from College of Education, Vellore. M.Ed - from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
Worked as eminent teacher for 25 years


Thank you for visiting our SVIST website for information. The object of life is happiness. Nothing can be better than that and nothing, indeed, is higher. In order to be really happy, man must be in harmony with his surroundings, with the conditions of well-being. In order to know these surroundings, he must be educated, and education is of value only when it contributes to the betterment of the humankind, in particular and nature, in general.

As educationists, we impart a good technical education to our students and also enable our students to be upto date and in the swim with the advanced world’s new technological ideas and innovations.

Shri.N.Venkatesan, M.A.,B.Sc.,M.Ed.,