Mechanical Engineering


Machines can move mountains and travel through the interplanetary and interstellar space to bring it to the human ken with the highly sophisticated machines and cutting edge tools. Thanks to mechanical engineering, the object transfer and object production have become a child’s play. We make it feasible for our students to have ‘hand on the job’ and ‘hand off the job’ facilities to gain in-depth knowledge of mechanics

Industrial visit is a part and parcel of this branch of engineering course. The industries intented to be visited are all situated at a distance of 15 kms from the institute. The special economic zone at Sriperumbudur and the industrial estate at Ambattur are in the vicinity of our institute, and so industrial visit becomes easy and convenient as it consumes only a little travel time. Industrial projects which the students are assigned with enable them in acquiring the art of technical writing which is, ofcourse, a life oriented practice.