About us

Who we are?

We trust in the alchemical property of education that can transform the students to usher in an economically sustainable world in an eco-friendly way. SRI VENKATESWARA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY is equipped with qualified professionals and technologists and thereby it ensures to usher in a revolution in the technological space.

We believe in team spirit and joy of living. The profound contemplation of the high intellectual, rational and spiritual personalities into the realm of man’s inner reality and the universe purpose of man’s creation and the relationship between man the microcosm and the universe the macrocosm, has ultimately led to the revelation that love for one’s fellow beings is the simple truth which is acceptable to all irrespective of their different ideologies.

Our Mission:

While the public and the private sectors need a lot of workforce for production and service, there is still a pitiable condition in the inability to fill the posts that have fallen vacant in them due to the lack of suitable candidates with the knowledge and skill required for those posts.